Memorial for O’Sheal Family

David OSheal was born 23 January 1690 in London, England. He was christened at St. Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, London, England.
More than likely he graduated from a Merchant Taylors’ school in England or France, received a classical education, and emigrated to the Virginia Colony before June 1714. David O’Sheal was granted permission to practice Law as an attorney for the British Crowne and chosen as Deputy Recorder for Sir John Randolph 18 November 1735, Norfolk Borough.

Virginia Gazette, 25 November 1735

It is estimated David OSheal married sometime between 1714-1716.
No authentic documentation has been found which identifies his wife or wives; however, I am sorry to report a corrupted version of David O’Sheal’s wife was written by a person whose intent it was to create a false family history said to have come from a 3,000 word letter written in approximately the year 1920. Unfortunately, a 2nd cousin believed the story for a short time and placed it into my 2003 book. Since that time, hundreds of people have been fooled into believing the story without knowing the details of what actually transpired and without knowing no reliable sources have been found to substantiate the corruptible story. It is a shame and disgrace to the memory of the O’Sheal family. How can anyone partake in such falsehoods? It appears this person has no conscience. It has become my quest to stop this story until someone can provide documentation proving the name(s) of David O’Sheal’s wife or wives. Just recently forces have been put in place which hopefully will stop the erroneous information.