How I Became An O’Sheal.


MY GG Grandfather, Thompson Chumley, b. 1820, SC, in 1896 he applied to the federal government claiming the O’Shields were Cherokee Indians. (His application was rejected.)
My brother’s Y-DNA Matches O’Shields males whose ancestors settled in Spartanburg, SC, about 1769 after they departed from St. George Parish in the Colony of Georgia. One other male Chumley who descends from Thompson Chumley also matched the male O’Shields line. He is my 2nd cousin. Both male Chumleys match 100% in 37/37 markers


I deeply apologize and regret some of the information I imprudently published in OSHEAL-CHUMLEY, 2003.  

The following four items disclose the bogus information sent to me:

Elizabeth Maria Pugh was and is a fictitious person who never married *David O’Sheal.

In the 1697 Will of Daniel Pugh, he named his daughter, Ann. Ann Pugh married John Duke. Family historians of the Pugh family have never heard of Elizabeth Maria Pugh.

ALL references to Elizabeth Maria Pugh and Daniel Pugh or any member of the Pugh family are to be ignored as relatives of *David O’Sheal, the immigrant; *David O’Sheal, Sr.;

Major *David O’Sheal; or Col. *David O’Sheal.

Daniel Pugh, II, was an acquaintance of *David O’Sheal but no records show they were kinsman of any sort. They were named together in William Byrd’s Diary concerning the Dividing Line Between Virginia and North Carolina because they lived in the same area of Nansemond County, Virginia.

  • Pages 77-79 are fiction except for a few facts which can be
  • Pages 80-85 are fiction except for a few facts which can be
  • Pages 87-93 contain some historical documents and some false

I foolishly accepted the information named above without seeing copies of what was “claimed” to be originals. An elaborate excuse was given as to why copies could not be made. The person who submitted the four items stated the pages were “too fragile to be placed on a copy machine,” and he had to transcribe the pages himself.

I was encouraged to accept these pages as authentic by someone who was very experienced in the field of genealogy but very inexperienced dealing with strangers on the internet. In other words, the person who encouraged me to accept the pages simply believed them to be true based solely on the word of a person he and I had never met.

The fictional stories and letter included in my 2003 book have damaged the O’Sheal family’s history and have made my 2003 book become a twisted farce. It is my prayer the damage can be undone by those who seek the truth.